What is Cash Dash?

1 April 2022

Cash Dash– Ready, Set, GO!

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned race to the finish line? And a chance to race players from all over the globe to win real cash prizes?  If you’re ready for a fun and exciting dash-to-win for cash-to-win, then take your marks with Rewardify’s Cash Dash!

Cash Dash is a tournament feature found within our games, Match to Win and Lucky Match, that gives you a guaranteed chance to win real cash based on speed and skill.  

It’s easy to play. 

After you download either game – Match To Win or Lucky Match – or both, for FREE, just enjoy playing, completing the increasingly-fun levels, and collecting virtual Trophies that can be earned from your Scratchers (scratch-off game tickets) that you’re awarded at the completion of every level.  You can play Cash Dash three times per day. There is a morning, afternoon and evening event every day.

Now here’s where it really gets fun–with each Scratcher, in addition to possible Trophies, you have a chance to win real money, tokens, and extra ways to win, all along the way! 

Keep playing, keep collecting!  

For Cash Dash, your goal is to accumulate the targeted number of Trophies (you’ll see the number noted on the Trophy icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen), and compete in Cash Dash runs multiple times daily–each with different Trophy targets (usually between 1500-2000), and a specified number of guaranteed cash prizes. The best part? There are no limits to how many times you can compete for the prizes and win.  

You’ll race against other Match To Win players for even more fun, and a chance to win even bigger cash prizes– even up to a $1,000 Scratcher!!  Each Cash Dash event features a set number of guaranteed winners.  Watch the upper left corner, and see the winners appear in real time!  But hurry… you need to beat other players to the top to earn your prize before they’re all gone!

Morning, Afternoon, and Midnight

Play as much as you want!  Watch for these three Cash Dash races each day:

  • Morning race (1500 trophy target), offers $5 for the first ten players to finish. 
  • Afternoon race  (2000 trophy target) offers $10 to the first 25 players to finish, and the 
  • Evening (Midnight) race (1500 trophy target) offers $7 to the first 5 players to finish. 

Easy as that!

All you have to do is keep playing levels to earn your scratchers during the time Cash Dash is active. No need to sign up, and it is completely free to play!

Oh, and of course the other thing you have to do for guaranteed cash is collect trophies faster than the other players! The duration of each race is determined by the players, not by Rewardify games. So, when all the trophies have been collected, the game stops. Need an extra boost to collect faster? Read our Cash Dash hacks here.

Keep an eye out here for more details to help you get the most out of your Rewardify game experience.  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for even more ways to win outside our games!

As always, have fun playing, and let us know how you like Cash Dash!  If you need more specifics or help, you can always write us at

Now…get dashing!

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