3 Cash Dash Tips & Hacks

19 March 2022

Can you beat the competition? Heck yes, you can! Don’t be left in the dust…see our tips & hacks so you too can be one of the first 25 players to collect all the trophies for a guaranteed cash prize!

If you’ve been playing Rewardify games for a while (Match to Win & Lucky Match), you’ve probably entered into one of our daily Cash Dash races. If you’re new to the game, Cash Dash is a race against other Match to Win and Lucky Match players. Simply be one of the first 25 players to collect the required amount of trophies and you’re guaranteed a cash prize!

Let’s talk duration really fast. Many players ask about the duration of our race and if it is possible to collect the required amount of trophies before the race ends. First, the duration of the race is solely dependent on how quickly players are collecting trophies. So, YES! It is possible to collect the required amount of trophies as the duration of each race is set by the players. The race time is NOT predetermined!

Now to the good part! Are there hacks to collecting trophies quicker? YUP! Here’s a few easy “tips and hacks” to have more fun and collect even more trophies playing Cash Dash with Match To Win & Lucky Match! 

1. Stay Active:

  • – Log in daily.
  • Start right away! Be sure to start as soon as a race starts so you can maximize your trophy collection. 
  • Keep playing up the levels. The more Scratchers you get, the more chances you have to collect Trophies toward your goal!

2. Be Prepared:

  • Complete a few levels BEFORE Cash Dash begins to stock up on rewards and collect virtual trophies available to win with each instant win scratcher you earn. 
  • SAVE your Boosts for Cash Dash! Instead of claiming, save up your Scratchers, Mystery Box, Quest Box, etc., until the Cash Dash starts. (This will assist you in completing levels faster)
  • Have your next Daily Quest goal almost completed before Cash Dash starts, then complete the Daily Quest goal after Cash Dash has started.
  • – Finish a few of the special event levels before Cash Dash begins…then complete the event quickly after Cash Dash has started.

3. Stay in the loop:

  • Set your phone or mobile device to alert status so you won’t miss out on any important Cash Dash events. Cash Dash is held at 10 a.m., 4 p.m., and Midnight, daily! (Definitely worth scheduling in your calendar.)
  • – Watch the Cash Dash trophy icon in the upper right-hand corner, and keep your eye on the countdown clock.

That’s it! Now that you’re locked and loaded with Cash Dash tips, you’re on your way to being in the top 25! Being in the top 25 means you’re guaranteed a cash win, so get ready and get set to cash out!