We’ve got your back!

1 June 2022

Got a technical glitch, a game question or an app issue you simply can’t resolve? Get the answers you need for your best-ever gaming experience! 

It’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of players love our fun and free-to-play suite of Rewardify games, Match To Win, Lucky Match and Words to Win. But, even the best-of-the-best run into technical challenges, and mind-stumping questions.


So who do you turn to for that expert, and prompt advice? 

You’ll be happy to know that Rewardify has a super-capable and friendly team of real human Support experts ready to help you through your game questions!

Jhoanna and Clarissa, our trusted Support supervisors, and their team, have been on board for years, and know our fun, free-to-play games inside and out. They’re in place to answer your questions, and troubleshoot, so you can continue to play with gusto, and without interruption!

You can always check out our in-game Help & Support tab (tap the gear icon), or our full-of-facts FAQS on our website, too. When writing our Support team, and to allow us to serve you better, it’s always a best to include your User ID, and a complete description of what you’re requesting.

We commit to resolving your need as quickly as we can. When you’re happy, we’re happy! 


Where is my user ID?

Within the Match to Win, Lucky Match or Words to Win game, go to Settings (gear icon top corner) and select the Help & Support tab. Your user ID is at the bottom of that screen and contains numbers only.


Feedback Please!

And, we always love to get your positive feedback and high-fives, if the spirit moves you, too! Our team really appreciates hearing from you.


FAQs on YouTube

Check out our YouTube channel for quick, informative videos that cover our FAQs, overviews, tips & tricks!

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