So, You Think It’s a Scam, Huh?

2 December 2021

Sure, most things that are too good to be true are usually just that. But not in this case. You can play Rewardify’s casual mobile games for FREE—and wait for it—win actual real world rewards, not just virtual points.

So what’s the catch? Well, nothing. Unless you count catching mobile gaming fever—which we’re pretty certain you will! But just for good measure, here are two truths and a lie about why you should join the Rewardify revolution, worry-free.

And just so there’s no confusion, we’ll just tell you which one’s the lie.

TRUTH: You can download Match to Win, Words to Win and Lucky Match games totally free on either Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once you have the apps, you can play all games totally free too. No gambling, no registration fees.

TRUTH: Yes, within each game you can certainly purchase gold bars if you’d like to enhance your gaming experience, but hey, that’s totally up to you. You’re not required to make any purchases within our games to win or to download the apps. In case we forgot to mention (wink, wink), it’s completely free to play AND you can win actual cold, hard cash.

LIE: Welp you caught us, we’re totally a scam!

Sorry to break the news, but your spidey senses are a little off, Rewardify games are in no way a scam. There’s a whole team of real living, breathing professional humans behind the scenes at Rewardify, working our tails off to deliver high quality, fun to play games. Plus, some of the team even gets the pleasure of cutting those big fat checks to our winners. And just a reminder, while we do have daily and monthly big cash winners, we offer free sweepstakes games, so not everyone is guaranteed a cash win. See more details in our terms.

Ok, so if you’re still a little leery, we get it. There are plenty of scammers out there. But we’re here to tell you that a completely free to download app, that lets you play fun, beautifully designed (and yes, totally captivating) mobile games, that requires zero in-app purchases, is way less risky than a lot of things in life. So don’t even get us started on all the “hold my beer and watch this” scenarios we could name…

Rewardify wants to change the way you play games, rewarding your love of the game, so go ahead and treat yourself!

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