Match to Win’s ABCs of earning that Money Honey!

7 March 2022

In the wise-beyond-their-years words of The Jackson 5: A B C, it’s easy as 1 2 3, as simple as download me—you and Match To Win, baby! Yeeeah, those lyrics might not be 100% accurate, and no, The Jackson 5 didn’t predict the future of mobile gaming. BUT, they were right when they said it’s as easy as ABC!

And now that we have that song stuck in your head, try getting these tips stuck in your head too. Here’s a quick list of our favorite (and easy) ways to play games for real money on our totally free to play app. Yes, it’s that simple!

Take a look at our “ABCs” below or PLAY NOW!

Always be playin’

Match To Win is literally designed to reward you for gameplay. Make sure you log in daily and complete new levels. You’ll have multiple chances to win, lining your virtual pockets along the way to cashing out those digital tokens for sweepstakes tickets that could land you actual money. 

Mo’ levels, mo’ money. Each winning level equals the chance to play an instant-win scratcher game offering even more real money, up to $250. No problems there! And sometimes, we even throw in a Power Hour(s) Challenge, so for two hours only, you could receive a $1,000 scratcher for every level played!

Spinning wheels can take you places. Use your three—free to play—daily prize wheel spins for a chance to win things like tokens and real money valued between a nickel and $10 each. Then watch the winnings roll in and you’ll be going places (like to cash-in your tokens for sweepstakes tickets)! Plus, after your three free spins for the day are up, you can earn more spins just by watching video ads. 

Daily and monthly sweepstakes offer another sweet spot to win. You can “buy” (with your free tokens) tickets (aka entries) into the $25 daily sweepstakes and $1,000 monthly sweepstakes. Tickets “cost” between 1,500 and 2,500 tokens.

So there are multiple ways to win with our completely free to play games, but please keep in mind, Match To Win is a cash sweepstakes game. This means that while we DO have cash winners everyday, not every player is guaranteed cash.

Be social

Sure we love gaming, who doesn’t. But did you know Rewardify also offers plenty of other ways to win outside of our games?

Make sure you follow all of our social media pages—Facebook, Instagram and TikTokbut don’t forget the key: you have to INTERACT with our pages to truly be social. P.S. – On Facebook only, each of your favorite Rewardify game’s has their own page; Match to Win, Words to Win and Lucky Match.

Watch for cash drawings and contests, answer questions and trivia to win tokens and apparel or get your gang together and enter one of our competitive tournaments.

And not to toot our own horn, but—TOOT. Rewardify is one of the only gaming apps around that’s dishing out real cash outside of our games. So don’t snooze and lose on this easy life hack—go follow us! 

The other key to winning: invite friends to play. Whenever a friend installs Match To Win directly from your referral link and starts playing the game, you’ll automatically get a scratch-off card that could win you up to $1,000. Get another friend to play, get another $1,000 scratcher, get a third friend…ok, you get the point. Inviting more friends equals more chances to win money (and bragging rights). So start sending that link to ALL of your friends!

Challenges = cha-ching

Another quick way to build that bankroll is to join our in-game challenges. Be on the look out for these classic challenges. Plus, watch for new, special challenges as they’re added. 

Cash Dash your way to more rewards. In this challenge you’ll race other players to collect trophies. Be one of the first 25 players to collect all required trophies and you’re GUARANTEED a cash win of $5 to $10 rewards at a time.

Learn to conquer the quest. Daily quests typically consist of a goal you have to achieve in a single day in order to win an extra prize. A classic example might consist of collecting a specific number of tokens to earn a bonus scratch-off or other rewards. 

So now that you’ve mastered your ABCs, it’s time to practice your math while adding up all those winnings! Remember lucky number 7, because once you reach $7.00 in your wallet (the minimum cash out amount), you can get your dough. Or you can let your winnings continue to build and cash out when you’re ready.

And finally, you’ve made it to letter Z of your Match To Win ABCs: simply choose between a direct payout via your PayPal account – it’s easy peasy. Happy gaming and happy winning!