It’s a Whole LOTTO Fun!

21 April 2022

Have you heard the latest?

We’re excited to introduce our newest FREE in-game winning feature, a daily Super $10,000 Lotto, now available in both our Match To Win and Lucky Match games.

What is Daily Lotto:

Daily Lotto is a brand new experience for our players to win cash!

Our new scratcher lotto reveals nine (9) numbers each day, and players reveal their numbers on their scratch-cards. Players could win $100, $500, and our grand prize of $10,000 – which is are biggest payout ever!

This fun addition to your daily gameplay is a nine-square virtual lotto card. You’ll automatically get three free reveals. Then take action to reveal six more numbers, trying to match the randomly-selected winning number line-up at the top of the card. You’ll have a chance at six different winning prize levels, up to $10,000!  And unlike a purchased lotto ticket, there’s absolutely no cost to play! As you watch short videos, you’ll reveal more and more numbers, each bringing you one step closer to possibly winning big… $10,000 big! 

Super $10,000 Lotto

How does Super $10,000 Lotto match up? Let us count the ways! 

If your numbers match the winning numbers posted, you could win one of these great prizes:   

  • – Match 1: 1,500 Tokens
  • – Match 2:   5,000 Tokens 
  • – Match 3:   10 Gold
  • – Match 4:   $7.00
  • – Match 5:   $250.00
  • – Match 6: Payout of $10,000!

Watch for your daily dose of Super $10,000 Lotto excitement in our free-to-play games!  

And check out our social media (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) for a whole lotto ways (pun intended) 😉 to win real cash outside our games, too!  (Any cash wins will be paid straight to your Wallet, and you can cash-out when you reach a $7 balance.)

Happy playing, and as always, have fun with Rewardify’s no-cost Match 3 games, and our newest winning feature Super $10,000 Lotto! Good luck! 

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