12 Day Holiday GIVEAWAY

11 December 2021

We’re feeling ultra jolly as we gear up for our biggest giveaway yet! Everyday for 12 days (starting December 13) we are drawing an active player to win CASH from our $3,500 prize pool!

And in true Rewardify fashion, your entry is FREE! All you need to do is:

(1) PLAY by clicking the link button below 1 time.

(2) Check back to this page everyday to see if your # is drawn.

(3) Be sure to reach the minimum Match to Win levels required per drawing as of Dec 13.

(4) ONLY IF the 5-digit number below matches the last 5 digits of your user ID, send us a PM to verify your entire user ID to claim your prize. You must claim within 24 hrs!

** The play now button will bring you to the game or App Store to install. Clicking the button automatically enters you into our giveaway!

Prizes & WINNERS:

Drawing 5 digits everyday! If the number drawn below at 12 PM PST each day matches the last 5 digits of your user ID, PM your entire ID to verify.

Your user ID can be found in the Match to Win game in settings (gear icon) and at the bottom of the help and support page.

Dec 13 (min 10 level) •••••• $100 XX76661
Dec 14 (min 10 level) •••••• $100 XX20430
Dec 15 (min 10 level) •••••• $100 XX56081
Dec 16 (min 25 level) ••••• $150 XX77227
Dec 17 (min 25 level) ••••• $150 XX18590
Dec 18 (min 25 level) ••••• $150 X80037
Dec 19 (min 50 level) ••••• $250 XX53332
Dec 20 (min 50 level) ••••• $250 XX56708
Dec 21 (min 50 level) ••••• $250 XX08398
Dec 22 (min 100 level)•••• $500 X21389
Dec 23 (min 100 level)•••• $500 X36526
Dec 24 (min 150 level)•••• $1,000 X85272

*** Only PM your ID if the drawn number above MATCHES the last 5 digits of your user ID. You MUST claim within 24hrs!!

You MUST reach the level minimum AS OF December 13, 2021. Levels completed prior to December 13 will not be counted toward level minimum.

Where is my user ID?

In the Match to Win game, go to settings (gear icon) in the top right corner, then select the help & support tab. Your user ID is shown at the bottom of the help & support page.

So, what do you have to do?

  • You MUST be a player (new or existing) with minimum levels per drawing completed as of December 13 to qualify for a cash drawing. Your activity will be verified using your player ID found in settings and at the bottom of the help and support screen.

  • Follow our unique Holiday Giveaway link (one time) prior to the December 13 start date. This link will automatically enter you into the Holiday drawing as an active player. * You will not receive a confirmation, the link automatically tracks your player information.

  • Play required level minimum! Starting December 13, you must complete the level minimum per drawing to qualify for your prize. Levels completed prior to December 13 do not qualify. For example, if your user ID is drawn on day 12, you will have to have 150 levels completed from December 13 – December 24. See daily level requirements below.

  • Check back to this page everyday at 12 PM PST to see if you’re a winner! We will draw the last 5 digits of your user ID found in settings and at the bottom of the help and support screen. If the last 5 digits match, you must PM us on Facebook within 24hrs and verify your full player ID to claim your prize.

** Clicking the “Play Now” button above will automatically enter your player ID into this giveaway. You will be redirected to the Match to Win game if you are an existing player. New players will be redirected to download the Match to Win game. You only need to select this link once to be automatically entered.

Let’s talk payout:

All drawn winners must verify their user ID within 24 hrs of being drawn (by 12 PM PST the following day) and all players must have a PayPal account to receive funds. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the size of the rewards and because this is an outside of game contest, payments will be processed manually and do not qualify for instant pay out. Payments will be processed no sooner than December 15, 2021 and no later than January 5, 2022.

Regular terms & conditions apply. Any player that does not meet the requirements above or any player completing levels faster than humanly possible with be automatically disqualified.