NEW Weekly Tournaments!

25 October 2022

Up For A Challenge? Then you’ll love competing against other players!

If you’re already a fan of our Match To Win and Lucky Match games, you’re going to love the excitement of our newest in-game feature – Tournaments! You can now compete against other players by playing higher-and-higher levels, with an eye on great prizes, as you shoot for collecting the highest number of Tokens. 

So, what used to be a luck-of-the-draw winning experience is now a skill-based competition against other players, equaling guaranteed cash wins!

And the best part; NO deposit needed to compete!

Each group of 100 players gets their own Leaderboard, and players are ranked by the number of Tokens they collect. When the Tournament ends, those ranked the highest, shown at the top of the Leaderboard, WIN! 🎉🎉🎉

Top players may win Gold and Sweepstakes Tickets, which opens up even more chances at winning Cash! Increase & even TRIPLE your cashing-winning odds by entering tournaments and following these tips:


.1. ) Be sure to PLAY and invite your friends! (You each get a $1000 Scratcher when a friend downloads and plays our apps.) 


.2. ) Enter into Tournaments like the daily Cash Dash Race (click here for Cash Dash tips & tricks!)


.3. ) Use your Gold to enter into our daily & monthly sweepstakes for big cash wins.


.4. ) Follow us on social media for EASY cash drawings.


.5. ) TRIPLE your odds when you play all three Rewardify games! 


If you’ve got that competitive “edge,” and feel like a challenge worth your while, be sure to sign up for our weekly Tournaments! Watch Message of the Day, and our social media for more specifics on how to play! Just one more great way to have fun, with a chance to win from Rewardify!